Global Synthesis Report

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Global Synthesis Report

A report from the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans for the Marine Biodiversity Assessment and Outlook Series

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Executive Summary

The biological diversity of the 72% of our planet covered by seawater is crucial to global resource security, ecosystem function and climate dynamics. We know little of the extent and the interactions of marine biological diversity but in all of the UNEP Regional Seas changes in biodiversity are the symptom of failures to manage marine ecosystems.

The Marine Biodiversity Outlook Reports and summaries have been prepared by UNEP’s Regional Seas Programme for the 10th Conference of Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). They provide the first systematic overview at a sub-global scale of the state of knowledge of marine biodiversity, the pressures it faces currently and the management frameworks in place for addressing those pressures.

Regional Series

Soon to be released.



Ωceans by Jacques Perrin

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