Miele Vacuum Cleaners

The Miele vacuum cleaner is known for its unique 12 stage Airclean Filtration System.  It removes over 99% of all fine particles.  In addition, it doesn’t release any harmful particles or allergens back into your home.  Its goal is to safeguard you and your family from all allergens.  Miele is made in Germany and meant to last.  The average life span of a Miele is 20 years.  Most of the motors are 1200 watts.  Some of the vacuums have 6 different speed controls allowing the user to clean everything from draperies to bare floors. Miele offers a vacuum for all needs.  There are canisters, uprights, and stick vacuums.  It is just a matter of finding the one that’s right for you.

The Miele canister vacuum is generally well liked by most customers.  It has a disposable bag that holds a lot of debris.  The one important thing to be aware of is when switching from one level of flooring to another (ex.  wood flooring to carpeting) you must click a switch on top of the canister.  The canister has two filters, an active hepa filter and a pre-motor filter.  The bag has a spring-loaded self-sealing collar.

There are several different models of Miele canister vacuums so make sure you research each one to get exactly what you want.  Some have an indicator light that will tell you when to change the bag.  Some have storage compartments on the vacuum itself.  Also, different models have different accessories.  The canister line is known for being extremely light weight but having powerful suction.  Some of the canisters have crush proof hoses.  Everything is integrated and easy to connect.

The Miele upright vacuum is the most popular seller in many vacuum cleaner stores and is promoted as their top seller.  First of all, it has the fabulous filtration system.  The S7 series has the patented SwivelNeck which allows steering in all directions.  It also allows the vacuum to lay flat and get under beds.  It is remarkably easy to handle.  It has several different levels of suction making the vacuum able to handle many different chores in the home besides just cleaning the floors.  The extension wand has a handle on it making the accessories easy to use and control.

The uprights have a patented electrobrush system which includes a high speed powerful motor.  The two motor system has a separate control for the electrobrush.  One of the uprights is specially designed for pet owners and is actually sold by the Midwest Allergy Association.  It virtually eliminates all pet hairs from the floor, upholstery, furniture and drapes.  It is noted for its quietness and you can upgrade it to a hepa filter at any time.  Some of the uprights have an indicator that lets you know when the bag needs changing or if there is a blockage that you need to attend to.  Also one some of the uprights have an LED  headlight that helps you clearly see into those dark corners.

The Miele stick vacuum cleaner is sometimes referred to as the mini upright.  Just like the upright, there are many different models to choose from.  So you need to research each one and then choose the one that most fits your needs.  If you have a small condo or apartment, this could be used as your main vacuum cleaner.  It isn’t as powerful as the larger upright, but it will be more than adequate.  The motor is 1000 watts with two power levels.  It has sealed construction to keep all the dust inside.  It is light weight and easy to use.  There is a 7 year warranty on the motor and a one year warranty on parts and labor.