How To Clean Red Wine Stains From Carpets

Throwing formal and informal parties at home entails some serious cleaning especially if you have chosen carpets as a flooring solution. Usually the most difficult task to handle after a good night of partying is removing red wine stains. However if you have the proper products at hand and apply the right cleaning technique, you will be awarded with magnificent results. You will not feel discouraged the next time you serve red wine to your guests as you can take advantage of a couple of handy tips to eliminate red wine stains.

There are a number of efficient cleaning techniques to deal with such stains. An immediate action plan is recommended in order to increase your chances of success. In order to facilitate the cleaning process you will have to blot as much of the spilled beverage as possible. Always bear in mind that you should not rub the stain as this will cause it to spread around and deeper into the fabric. Instead try blotting it with a clean white cotton cloth. After that you may sprinkle salt over it in order to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and then vacuum it.

Red wine stains can be tackled with a variety of products ranging from store-bought products through to carpet shampoos and homemade stain-removing solutions. The array of red wine removing products includes baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, club soda and a specially formulated store-bought product called “Wine Away”. The latter might be used also for dried in stains.

An efficient method for red wine spot removal involves sprinkling the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and a generous quantity of baking soda. Salt prevents the stain from sinking deeper into the fabric. Using white wine in order to counteract the staining from the red wine and make the cleaning easier is another popular method. The white wine should be applied on the spot and then blotted out with a cloth. Similar to white wine, vinegar also acts as a neutralizing agent. The carbonation of club soda helps for lifting up the red wine from the fabric.

You should take into consideration that every carpet or rug is different and reacts differently to the various cleaning techniques. So, always try testing the cleaning solution on a small portion of the affected place before you apply it on the whole surface in order to see if it works well for your particular case. Notwithstanding your efforts, red wine stains are sometimes quite persistent and you might need to repeat the stain cleaning procedures several times before you achieve a satisfactory result. The alternative of contacting a professional cleaning agency always remains a sure and easy way to handle after-party stain cleaning issues.