Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum

Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum

Hairy pets can leave a lot of hair behind and many times, only a specialized pet vacuum cleaner can handle this. One of these vacuum is the Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum. Loaded with technology that comes with most pet vacuum cleaners in the market, it seems to get vacuuming done pretty quick, but let’s have a look at what it’s made of before we can decide whether or not it’s worth spending your money on.

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Features and Specifications

The Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum comes with a canister which means that you never have to buy vacuum cleaner bags again. The canister is detachable so all you have to do once its full, is take it out and empty the dirt.
It has some good suction power. It will get all debris and pet fur off your carpet and floors, and it comes with different feet for carpets and floors that you can switch as needed. There are specialized brushes for your upholstery for both the home and your car, so its multi-use comes in handy.
All the brushes are made to rotate too, and this means that you can reach those areas that you would otherwise not be able to reach. The HEPA filter makes it a good vacuum cleaner because it will capture at least 99.9% of all dust, mites and any other small debris as you clean.
The makers, Bissel, are kind enough to throw in a pet grooming tool. Pet owners can groom their pets and then use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of hairs that afterwards.
The Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum has surround suction which means that you don’t have to move it around very much it to get all the dirt. Once the foot is standing in one spot, you will be able to get dirt that’s at least a foot away. This makes for faster and more efficient cleaning.
The Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum has a detachable suction unit, which is a rare feature. This means that as long as you extend your cord, you can detach the suction unit and take it closer to the area you want to clean without having to move the entire vacuum cleaner.
The Bissell Lift-Off Multi Cyclonic Pet Bagless Upright with Shedaway Pet Grooming Tool removing brush, comes as a separate detachable unit which you remove and install when needed.

Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum Reviews:

Opinions on the Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum seem to be divided. Its main problems seem to be manufacturing defects. It will stop and jam during cleaning. Although the suctions is good, the constant jams seem to be one of the top complaints among users.

The Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum filters also seem to block rather fast, especially for a pet vacuum cleaner in its range. Owners seem to be constantly cleaning them, but it doesn’t seem to help much.

It seems that those who have owned it for a short time are happy with it, but if you are planning for a long term solution, which makes sense for a vacuum cleaner, it might not perform as well as expected. It will most likely not last a year before it starts to have mechanical problems.

Do we recommend it? You can do definitely get a better product in this price range. There are pet vacuum cleaners out there that will do a very good job and last for years without ever breaking down. Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuumwill work, but probably not for a very long time. Furthermore, the fact that you have to keep cleaning the filters makes the Bissell Lift Off Multicyclonic Pet Vacuum less preferable than other models that have filters that rarely become clogged.