Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

It might surprise many people to know that there’s actually been a lot of innovation in recent years in the field of bagless vacuum cleaners. Much of this innovation is due to the efforts of British inventor and entrepreneur Sir James Dyson.

After failing to sell his idea of the bagless duel cyclone vacuum cleaner to manufacturers in the west (partly because of the lucrative market for dust bags) he first tried his invention in Japan and then set up his own company, Dyson. His Dyson Duel Cyclone became one of the fastest selling household appliances ever, and has made Sir James a billionaire.

These days, many vacuum manufacturers offer their own versions of this technology, sometimes with minor changes to the design to avoid patent infringement. This has revolutionized the way in which millions of people all over the world clean their homes.

So what are the pros and cons to using a bagless vacuum cleaner?


Dust bags are a recurring cost item for many households monthly budget. These bags are not only an extra cost of home maintenance but are also a bother to fool with, and add to the amount of time it takes to do the cleaning chores.

Bags also have to be manufactured and disposed of, which puts an added burden on the environment. With a bagless vacuum there is less waste and less cost. The materials used in these bags can be put to a lot better use than collecting dust and debris in a vacuum.


The bags kept the vacuum cleaner itself cleaner, because all of the waste was contained neatly within the bag. Bagless vacuum cleaners must have regular cleaning for maintenance, whereas vacuum cleaners with bags tend to have to be cleaned out less often. This is however, becoming less of a problem as the technology of bagless vacuum cleaners improves all the time.

Bags also allow dust to be kept within the bag during disposal, with a bagless vacuum cleaner the dust can sometimes be scattered when being disposed of.

What are the top brands?

Well that depends on where you live, as different brands seem to be popular in different countries.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel T-Series is one of the best selling models in the US. This is a very inexpensive vacuum cleaner for what you get, which is why it is one of the most popular vacuums online.

The Shark Navigator NV22L is another popular model, and while slightly more expensive that the Hoover Wind Tunnel, also outperforms it according to many reviews.

The Dirt Devil Dynamite line is usually one of the cheapest popular lines on the market. While it’s performance may not be up to some of the other more expensive brands, it can do the job it is designed for well enough for most people.

As previously mentioned, Dyson is one of the main manufacturers and one of the most popular brands. Dyson vacuums can often be expensive when compared with other popular manufacturers but tend to work very well. The Dyson DC24 is one of their best selling models and one of the premium bagless vacuum cleaners on the market.

Everyone has different needs and different budgets. But one thing is for certain. You can always find a god vacuum cleaner that will fit both.