An upright vacuum cleaner review.

Hello there again, welcome to a comprehensive upright vacuum cleaner review. I have prepared this article for the people who prefer upright vacuum cleaners over canisters to get their dirty work done(lol). Just to let you know, the choice of an upright vacuum or a canister vacuum cleaner is just a personal preference that people have and are used to.  So you with a preference for upright vacuum cleaners are not losing anything and really don’t need to wonder what difference it would have in terms of performance.

I have compiled a list of top upright vacuum cleaners that I have gone through as a repair and salesman, but bear in mind this is not a Top 10 Forbes list or something because each of the upright vacuum cleaners reviewed in this section is suited for a different environment and different customers.

1> Miele Bolero S7-

The Germans to the rescue again. I personally think German products are fantastic, its just that we started making fun of those poor hardworking guys for mainly 2 reasons- a) Adolf Hitler going Nuts and b) Germans are allowed to have Beer at work. But I think while designing Miele products they did keep the beer aside. Priced at $799 Miele Bolero upright is one of the sleekest and most elegant looking vacuum cleaners available in the market. Along with this we cannot ignore the powerful performance delivered by a 1200 watt vortex motor that generates a lot of suction. Ideal for big houses with pets, kids and a lot of traffic, it comes with a H.E.P.A exhaust filter that is perfect for allergies and pets. Automatic carpet height adjustment features makes vacuuming feel like a breeze. Comes with a 7 year motor warranty. Other Models with almost same specs- Miele Swing S7, Miele Home care S7.

2> Simplicity G9 Premium

Equipped with a dirt sensor that visualizes the dust through a neon light a Simplicity G9 premium does cost almost as much as a mortgage payment($1099), almost $300 over the Top Miele upright vacuum cleaner($300 buys a lot of beer). Simplicity vacuum cleaners are made in U.S.A so you can make your decision if you are feeling too patriotic(well buying a vacuum cleaner might not be the only way to display patriotism, but still). If you like Simplicity and do not wanna spend over $1000 then you might find Simplicity X9 a pretty viable option costing $849, with all the functions except for the Neon light. So a light for $249? I can buy a whole Chandelier for that money and turn it on while vacuuming.

3> Miele Jazz

Another one of the good Miele vacuum cleaners but only $549. Miele Jazz has all the features of a Bolero or Twist except for the Automatic carper height adjustment feature. You would have to adjust the suction manually with a knob which is not bad as it is even saving you $250.Miele Jazz too would work well for a big house and a lot of traffic as well. Other Miele upright vacuum cleaner of the same specifications and almost the same price- Miele Cat and Dog.

4> Hoover wind tunnel self-propelled Upright- At just $299 hoover self propelled upright vacuum cleaner is actually a good bargain. Suited for mid size houses this particular hoover upright vacuum is a little on the heavier side for the average user. I still find it heavy after dealing with it for almost half a decade. Comes in Bagged or Bag less options this hoover can can do some good self propelling. Ideal for both carpet and floor  it features a dual belt feature for the Roller bar.

5> Royal commercial upright vacuum cleaner

It does say commercial but you can use it for your house. No where in the American vacuum cleaner judicial system does it say that you cannot do that. I have personally seen people use this vacuum cleaner and love it too. Priced at only $499 this vacuum cleaner does give the look and feel of a Kirby vacuum cleaner at a much lower price.

6> Sanitaire commercial upright vacuum cleaners

Again despite the Commercial tag I have come across various customer using Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaners for their residential purposes. Starting at $199 the Saintaire vacuums go up to $399 with varying features and styles such as metal or plastic body option, regular or wide cleaning path. To be noted that Sanitaire vacuum cleaners are even loved by people with commercial cleaning businesses because of the sturdy design, strong suction and affordable prices.

7> Simplicity F series upright vacuum cleaners

This one the lightweight upright vacuum cleaners that Simplicity has made. They are so light weight that if someone asks you pick it up with your eyes closed you won’t be able to tell that its a vacuum cleaner that you have lifted. The 5 amps motors are pretty strong for the weight of the vacuum, in fact if you switch on the vacuum in the upright position it would just start walking on its own. Priced between $199-$499 depending on the features such as a dual motor(F3600), power switch on the handle(F3500) can be a very good option for a medium sized residence with all carpet. Ya thats the downside- they work only on carpet and not floors.

8> Hoover windtunnel Tempo

Priced at $119 the hoover tempo upright vacuum cleaner can kick some *** in this price range. It is suited for small places though such as a apartment or a condominium.

9> Dirt Devil featherlight upright vacuum cleaner- For the ones who do not like spending a lot of money we have this model. At a price of $79 you would get what you pay for but I have seen at least 2 customers in last 5 years for whom this vacuum cleaner has gone on for more than 2 years and the customers are very happy with this vacuum cleaner. So as a creature whose prime motive is the Pursuit of Happiness I thought it would be good to mention that.

10> Dirt devil range of Stic Vacs- With prices varying from $69-$99 this range of stic vacs from Dirt devil vacuum cleaner company is ideal for small studio apartments, single room apartments or even as an additional vacuum cleaner for the purpose of cleaning kitchens floors or attics.

These are the vacuum cleaners that I have gone through in my professional career as a vacuum salesman and a repair guy and you would notice that I have not included any Bagless vacuum cleaner as in my personal opinion they are messier and I do not like suggesting something like that to other people. Also I would encourage you to do check out top 5 best upright vacuum with reviews 2017-2018 before buying a vacuum cleaner especially if you plan to go with the Elite class of vacuum cleaner brands. Thanks for reading.