Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems, also well-known as built-in or ducted , can be built into a building as a semi-permanent fixture and they are usually regarded as the most powerful vacuums available for residential use. These systems consist of a power unit, a 25 to 50 foot hose and accessory package and some inlet valves connected to the power unit by PVC tubing .

Advantages of Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems have many advantages over typical portable vacuums and a few disadvantages.

you’ll no longer need to carry a heavy upright or canister vacuum up and down flights of stairs.When you clean your home, you turned on the suction of the unit by a switch in the handle of the hose which is connects to a valve in the wall of your home. These vacuum systems can also be used with a power nozzle for heavy carpeting or a simple floor brush for hardwood floors.

More Power and Deep Cleaning

Central vacuum systems have larger and stronger motors and fans that produce 3-5 times more cleaning power than traditional vacuums. They have much greater suction and air flow which make you a much cleaner and healthier home.

Improved Air Quality and Well-suited for People with Allergies

With a vacuum Installed into the building, all of dust, pollen, dirt, debris, dander and other allergens , are removed from the home,then they have no chance to make respiratory tract infections. In addition, a larger power unit and filter can make the PM2.5 lower which means air more clean and well-suited for people breathing.

The Little Noise Vacuum

Usually the motor and bag are located in a garage, basement, or closed closet,their will be little noise when vacuuming.With a vacuum system you can watch TV ,listen to music and do other things at the same time while vacuuming.

More Economical

Central vacuum systems will be more economical by a long view.They are more durable and last longer than standard vacuums. It’s uncommon for central vacuum owners to replace accessories or maintenance on the main unit in 10 years.

Add Value to Home

Central vacuum cleaner can make your house appreciate $ 2,000.

Disadvantages of Central Vacuum Systems

Initial Cost

Your need to pay more money to make a built in vacuum system than standard vacuums for initial cost.But if you don’t want to change or repair it frequently in 10 years,it seems be very cost-effective.

Not Portable

Because the central vacuum systems are installed into your home,so you can’t move it to any other place.

How to Choose The Right Power Unit and Accessories

There are many kinds of power units on the market to fit your budget today. You can even reduce your cost by installing the system yourself (If you can do the work).

When selecting your central vacuum system,there are several things to think about :central-vacuum-accessories

How big is your home in sq.ft.
The number of floor on your home
Whether your have hard wood floors,carpeting or even a combination of the two.
When selecting the power unit ,you need to think about:

Larger home need a bigger power unit
Small home need a basic size power unit
Electrolux central vacuum power units for example , the PU3650 unit for the basic sized home which Coverage 8000 sq.ft, but the PU3900 unit for larger homes which Coverage 12000 sq.ft.

When you have decided a power unit and decided the best place to install your inlet valves, it’s now time to consider what kind of accessory package you would like. One thing we propose is you wait to purchase anything before taking the whole installation under consideration. This is really because once you know when selecting which accessories you will need, it will save you big money by purchasing the accessories in a package with the power unit and hose. If you have heavy carpeting, you may undoubtedly require a power nozzle with an electrified brush to grab dirt which has sunken into the carpet.If you simply have hard wood floors in your own home, a power nozzle is not required but can be helpful. Rather than a power nozzle, on hard floors you can use a 20 inch floor brush which will get connected to a wand.